Ukrainian Handwriting Book

Ukrainian Handwriting Book

Whether you are just starting out to learn Ukrainian or want to finally learn how to write in cursive Cyrillic, this colorful workbook will be your guide.

It is designed specifically for Ukrainian language learners to learn how to write by hand in Ukrainian, develop a better understanding of texts written in Cyrillic, and improve reading and pronunciation skills.

While colorful illustrations and fun exercises will bring joy to your learning experience, the gradual thought-through approach (from the most common letters to more complicated and less common ones) will motivate you to keep going.

From a single letter to syllables, words, and short texts ― master your Cyrillic handwriting and enjoy learning Ukrainian with this delightful workbook!


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The Authors

Natalia Pendiur is a Ukrainian teacher, writer, artist, and illustrator. She is the author of another book from Ukrainian Lessons – the Easy Ukrainian Book: Як іноземці козака рятували.

When her student in Czechia asked her to teach her Ukrainian handwriting, Natalia was puzzled at first. But giving it some thought, she developed a progressive system of teaching Cyrillic letters one by one ― by incorporating the letters learned into the examples for the next letter.

For your delight, Natalia created all the colorful illustrations for this workbook by herself.

Anna Ohoiko is a Ukrainian language specialist, teacher, and founder of

Anna led the production of this book, wrote pronunciation guidelines for each letter ( in English) and recorded the audio.

Some unique features of our workbook:

Structured progressive approach

Our gradual thought-through approach (from the most common letters to more complicated and less common ones) will motivate you to keep going. You can start it with zero skills and slowly progress in the book.

For both beginners and experienced learners

Many beginners get discouraged because a course or book goes too fast. Our book takes it easy and offers options for both newbies and people with some prior knowledge.

Visually appealing and fun!

We designed this book for you to fall in love with the Ukrainian language. That is why we made it beautiful, and included plenty of colorful illustrations and fun exercises. It does not mean that this book is for children ― we made it with adult users in mind, although kids can use it too.

Practical and convenient to write and read

We wanted to provide the best reading and writing experience for you. The fonts have a perfect size, the pages are not see-through, and the book is not too big so you can easily carry it with you (on your next vacation, perhaps?)

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