A а [a] like a in start
Б б [be] like b in best
В в [ve] like v in van
Г г* [he] close to h in hike
Ґ ґ [ge] like g in go
Д д [de] like d in dog
Е е [e] like e in test
Є є [je] like ye in ye
Ж ж [zhe] like s in vision
З з [ze] like z in zoo
и [y (ɪ)] close to i in did
І і [i] like ee in meet
Ї ї [ji] like yie in yield
Й й [jot] like y in yes
К к [ka] like k in key 
Л л [el] like l in lemon
М м [em] like m in mom
Н н [en] like n in no
О о [o] like o in port
П п [pe] like p in park
Р р [er] close to r in rug
С с [es] like s in stop
Т т [te] like t in stop
У у [u] like oo in pool
Ф ф [ef] like f in fat
Х х [kha] like wh in who
Ц ц* [tse] like ts in lots
Ч ч [che] like ch in chess
Ш ш [sha] like sh in short
Щ щ* [shcha] like shch in fresh cherries
ь [mjakyj znak] makes the previous consonant soft  
Ю ю [ju] like you in you
Я я [ja] like ya in yard

Anna Ohoiko

Привіт! Мене звати Анна. I am a Ukrainian linguist, teacher, and the Ukrainian Lessons founder. My biggest hobby is to learn foreign languages and my passion to teach the most beautiful one. I also enjoy traveling, cooking and being with my friends and family.

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