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Since the beginning of the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, people around the world #StandWithUkraine and put enormous effort into supporting the refugees.

This phrasebook is for everyone helping Ukrainian people ― at the borders, at immigration centers, at humanitarian organizations, in their homes, or at a distance.

It includes 20 practical chapters of the most important Ukrainian words and phrases to facilitate communication and demonstrate care.

Additional links to expand certain topics make this book an excellent basis for further Ukrainian learning.

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The Author

Anna Ohoiko is a Ukrainian language specialist, teacher, podcast host, and founder of UkrainianLessons.com. Her mission is to make learning Ukrainian easy, exciting, and accessible in any part of the world.

What’s inside?

Essential Ukrainian phrases

More than 1500 practical words and phrases broke into 20 chapters focusing on hosting and helping Ukrainians.


Transliteration to Latin characters

If you cannot read in Cyrillic alphabet yet, this will be useful to speed up the communication.


Links to additional materials

Extra online resources will help if you decide to keep learning Ukrainian.

Free audio

You will find links to the free audio at the beginning of each chapter of the book.

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Слава Україні!

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