We call the third season of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast “Пригоди Христини в Україні” – “Christine’s Adventures in Ukraine”!
Христина (Christine), an American girl of Ukrainian descent, is moving to Kyiv and explores the life in Ukraine for the first time.
Follow her as she meets a famous person on her plane to Kyiv (Episode 81), talks to the rude taxi driver (Episode 82), meets her cheerful roommate (Episode 83), sends a voice message to her mom back home (Episode 85), and so on!
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Full List of Season 3 episodes:

Eпізод №81

Знайомство в літаку – Meeting on a plane in Ukrainian + Prefixes ви- and пере-

Ukrainian Lessons Podcast is back!!! We are very excited to start третій сезон and have special news for you about its format… Find out all about it in this episode about meeting on a plane in Ukrainian.



Eпізод №82

Таксі з аеропорту – Taking a taxi at the airport in Ukrainian + Prefixes при- and по-

Are you flying to Ukraine? Then you will probably have to take таксі з аеропорту. Listen to the second part of Khrystyna’s adventures in Ukraine – her first experience of taking a taxi at the airport in Ukraine. Do you think it will be good or bad?



Eпізод №83

Знайомство з сусідкою – Meeting a roommate in Ukrainian + Prefixes до- and під-

In this episode, Khrystyna continues her Ukrainian adventure by moving into her new квартира. Listen to this lesson about meeting a roommate in Ukrainian, improve your vocabulary, train your conjugation skills, and learn more about tasty Ukrainian desserts!



Eпізод №84

В банку – At the bank in Ukraine + Prefixes об- and від-

This time, follow our character Khrystyna to the bank in Ukraine and learn how she (and you!) can exchange money and open a bank account. Discover new words, idioms, and all kinds of things about Ukraine in Ukrainian Lessons Podcast!



Eпізод №85

Голосове повідомлення №1 (Повторення) – Voice message №1 (Review episode)

Готові до повторення? This is the first review episode of Season 3. Listen to голосове повідомлення – a voice message from Khrystyna to her mom filled with vocabulary and idioms from the previous four episodes.



Eпізод №86

Знайомство з директором школи – Meeting the headmaster of the school in Ukraine + Prefixes в-, у-

Khrystyna is all settled and ready to meet her boss – директор школи – the headmaster of the school where she will be teaching. Listen to their first conversation and learn some useful vocabulary & facts about school in Ukraine!



Eпізод №87

День вчителя – Teacher’s Day in Ukraine + Prefixes роз-, про-

Another conversation with Христина в Україні! This time it’s День вчителя – The Teacher’s Day in Ukraine. Learn more about this holiday and improve your Ukrainian in this ULP episode



Eпізод №88

Вища освіта – Higher education in Ukraine + Prefixes з-, с-

In this episode of ULP, you can learn useful vocabulary and interesting facts about вища освіта – higher education in Ukraine. Listen to another conversation with Khrystyna and her roommate and improve your Ukrainian with us!



Eпізод №89

Навчання в аспірантурі – Postgraduate education in Ukraine + Prefixes на-, за-

What do you know about аспірантура – postgraduate education in Ukraine? The system of education in Ukraine is special because it is a post-Soviet country. But it is still changing. Learn more about this and practice your Ukrainian with this new Ukrainian Lesson from us!



Eпізод №90

Освіта в Україні – Education in Ukraine (Голосове повідомлення №2 – Voice message №2)

Review or learn more about education in Ukraine by listening to another voice message from Khrystyna. Challenge yourself with the listening comprehension questions, learn the verb of the day, the idiom of the day, and so on in this ULP review episode!



Eпізод №91

Рекомендації – Asking for advice in Ukrainian + Using imperfective and perfective verb aspects in Ukrainian

In this episode, our American character Khrystyna asks her roommate for different pieces of advice: Where can she send a postcard? Where can she find an old camera? And so on. Listen to their conversation and then review the differences in using the imperfective and perfective verb aspects in Ukrainian.



Eпізод №92

На блошиному ринку – At the flea market in Ukraine + Forming perfective aspect in Ukrainian

In this lesson, we get a chance to visit a flea market in Kyiv and learn how to bargain in Ukrainian! Then, learn the ways to form the perfective aspect in Ukrainian, learn the verb of the day, idiom of the day, etc… Enjoy!



Eпізод №93

На продуктовому ярмарку – At the food fair in Ukraine + Diminutive words in Ukrainian

In this episode, follow Khrystyna to ярмарок, a fair, where she will buy plenty of fresh fruits and veggies! Then, discover those cute зменшувально-пестиливі словаdiminutive words. Go ahead and tell us: which diminutive word is your favorite?



Eпізод №94

У піцерії – At the pizzeria + Sound changes between imperfective and perfective verbs in Ukrainian

It’s pizza time! Learn the vocabulary to talk about піца, listen to the Ukrainian conversation at the pizzeria, and even find out Anna’s favorite pizza place in Kyiv. Also, discover чергування – sound alternations between imperfective and perfective verbs. Enjoy your Ukrainian lesson!



Eпізод №95

Моє життя в Києві (Голосове повідомлення №3) – My life in Kyiv (Voice message №3)

Час повторення! Listen to another voice message from Khrystyna to her mom where she describes her life in Kyiv. Also, be sure to review the vocabulary from the previous episodes, practice your listening comprehension and get more practice with the imperfective and perfective verb aspects.


Eпізод №96

Новорічні свята в школі – New Year’s celebrations at school + Perfective future tense in Ukrainian

In this episode, learn about the events that are happening at Ukrainian schools around Christmas and New Year. Then, Anna will explain an important grammar point for you – the perfective future tense. Готові?


Eпізод №97

Плани на зимові канікули – Plans for winter holidays + Future tense of the verbs of motion

Скоро зимові канікули! Winter holidays and vacations are coming. In this lesson, listen to the informal conversation about planning trips for the festive season in Ukraine. Also, learn more about the future tense of the verbs of motion in Ukrainian.


Eпізод №98

Бронювання кімнати в Карпатах – Booking a room in the Carpathians – One-word synthetic future tense in Ukrainian

This time on the podcast, you can learn about different types of accommodation in Ukrainian and listen to Христина booking a room in Шешори village in Карпати – Carpathians. Then discover the synthetic future tense in Ukrainian. Готові?


План подорожі (Голосове повідомлення №4) – Travel plan (Voice message №4)

In this review episode, listen to Khrystyna’s voice message to her mom about their travel plan in Ukraine! Challenge yourself with 11 comprehension questions (answer ONLY in the future tense) and discover the delicious food of the Ukrainian Карпати!




Повідомлення від слухачів подкасту – Messages from the podcast listeners

Це епізод №100!!! In this special episode, listen to voice messages from Ukrainian Lessons Podcast listeners from six countries, beautiful Christmas music performed with бандура, and a special exercise… З Новим роком, друзі!




Мені погано – I don’t feel good + Forming and using adverbs in Ukrainian

We are back with the second half of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season #3! Listen to the informal conversation between two roommates about one of them being sick, learn about using adverbs in Ukrainian, and more! Готові до нового уроку української?




Запис до лікаря – Making a doctor’s appointment in Ukrainian + Indefinite adverbs and pronouns

Христина захворіла… Khrystyna got sick and she is making a doctor’s appointment in Ukrainian. Learn more medical vocabulary, discover the indefinite adverbs and pronouns, and the learn more about healthcare in Ukraine in this new ULP episode!




У лікаря – At the doctor’s + Ukrainian adverbs derived from the numerals

In this ULP episode, listen to a typical winter conversation at the doctor’s in Ukraine, discover the adverbs derived from numerals (удвічі, вдвоє, по-друге...) and learn more about the flu in Ukraine!




Здоровий спосіб життя – Healthy lifestyle + Degrees of comparison in Ukrainian

Let’s talk about the healthy lifestyle in Ukrainian! Listen to the conversation between two friends about eating healthy and exercising. Then, master the degrees of comparison in Ukrainian, learn a motivating Ukrainian proverb, and discover the most popular kinds of sport in Ukraine.




Захворіла… (Голосове повідомлення №5) – I got sick… (Voice message №5)

Час повторення! Listen to another voice message from Khrystyna to her mom in which she talks about how she got sick. Answer the comprehension questions using adverbs, then find out at what age Ukrainians typically get married.




Події на вихідних – Weekend events in Ukrainian + Negative adverbs and pronouns in Ukrainian

Listen to the conversation between two roommates discussing their plans and weekend events in Ukrainian. Then, learn more about the double negation and «negative» words (ніколи, ніщо, ніяк, etc.) Enjoy your ULP episode!




У барі – At the bar in Ukraine + Дієприслівник – Adverbial participle in Ukrainian

In this Ukrainian Lessons Podcast episode, you will hear what happened at the concert, at the bar in Ukraine (plus, some Ukrainian music!). Also learn a part of speech called дієприслівник, and discover the verb and idiom of the day!




Екскурсія Києвом – Kyiv tour + Participle in Ukrainian

Take a tour (екскурсія) in Kyiv with Khrystyna and learn more about Podil and other neighborhoods in the capital of Ukraine. Then learn about дієприкметник – adjectival participle and learn more fun things with your Ukrainian teacher!




На побаченні – On a date in Ukrainian + Reflexive verbs

This is a романтичний (romantic) Ukrainian Lessons Podcast episode! Listen to the conversation they have while on a date, learn new words and improve your knowledge of Ukrainian verbs ending with -сь / -ся. Насолоджуйтесь! – Enjoy!




Мій український хлопець (Голосове повідомлення №6) – My Ukrainian boyfriend (Voice message №6)

In this episode, review the material of the previous 4 episodes by listening to  Khrystyna’s voice message where she tells her mom about her Ukrainian boyfriend. Enjoy!




Подарунки на День народження – Birthday presents + Imperative mood in Ukrainian

It’s Khrystyna’s birthday! Listen to her roommate greeting her and find out what presents she gets. Then, in the grammar section, start studying the imperative mood in Ukrainian. З Днем народження, Христино!




Майстер-клас з приготування вареників – How to cook varenyky + Imperative mood of the second person plural

Любите вареники? Learn how to cook varenyky together with Khrystyna in a workshop from Olena Bilous. If you try cooking Ukrainian dishes at home, send us pictures in the comments below!




Майстер-клас з вишивання – Ukrainian traditional embroidery master class + More about the Imperative mood in Ukrainian

Умієте вишивати? Can you embroider? Listen to another master class in advanced Ukrainian to find out how to do it. Master the imperative mood and expand your vocabulary at the same time. Enjoy!




Майстер-клас з писанкарства – How to make pysanky + Imperative mood of the verbs in the first person plural (Let’s…)

Вам подобаються писанки? Do you like Ukrainian Easter eggs – “pysanky“? Learn how to paint them just in time for Easter in this advanced Ukrainian lesson!




Мої нові захоплення (Голосове повідомлення №7) –  My new hobbies (Voice message №7)

Час повторення! Listen to another voice message from Khrystyna to her mom in which she talks about her experience cooking вареники and making писанки and вишивання. Practice your comprehension and review vocabulary answering to 10 questions.




Великдень в Україні – Easter in Ukraine + Complex Sentences with Adverbial Clauses

Discover more interesting facts about Easter in Ukraine in a 4-minute conversation between Khrystyna and Lesya Expand your advanced vocabulary and learn about some types of complex sentences in Ukrainian!




Травневий пікнік – May picnic in Ukraine + Complex Sentences with Attributive Clauses

Ukrainians like to get together with friends and family for picnics in May. Listen to the informal conversation about Khrystyna and Yurko preparing a shopping list and choosing a place for a picnic. Then, learn about another type of complex sentences in Ukrainian.




Весілля в Україні – Wedding in Ukraine + Using “щоб” with the past tense in Ukrainian

Would you like to learn some Ukrainian wedding traditions, customs, and забобони – superstitions? Listen to this advanced level conversation between two friends discussing a traditional Ukrainian wedding. Then learn how щоб should be used in Ukrainian complex sentences.




Остання розмова – The last conversation + Conditional mood in Ukrainian

Це остання розмова Христини на подкаcті… This is the last conversation with Khrystyna, the heroine of the 3rd ULP season. She will be talking to her boyfriend Yurko about their future plans… 🙁 Along with practicing your listening skills, find out how we form and use the conditional mood in Ukrainian and learn a new idiom.




Голосове повідомлення для… – Voice message to…

This is the last episode of the third season 🙁 Listen to this final voice message from Khrystyna and answer the questions to review the complex sentence structures. After, fill in the form to tell us about your experience with ULP!




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Ukrainian Lessons Podcast listeners say (more testimonials here):

Фантастично! Fantastic!

Привіт! Я дуже люблю Ukrainian Lessons Podcast. Я волонтер корпусу меру, і я живу в Україні. Моя вчителька мене сказала я розмовляю українською дуже добре. Я слухала кожного уроку. Дякую!

Hi! I love this podcast! I am a Peace Corps Trainee, and I just moved to Ukraine, where I will be serving for 2 years. I listened to this podcast A LOT in the months before my departure, and now that I am here I made it into the advanced language study group. My teacher said I speak very well, and she was especially impressed that I know how to conjugate some verbs. When she asked where I learned, I told her about this podcast! I’ve listened to every episode. Thank you!

Кортні Коупленд
Каліфорнія, Америка

Perfect next step after Duolingo

I finished the lessons available for free at Duolingo. Anna’s lessons are the perfect next step. I found that I had a lot of the vocabulary and some of the grammar, but Anna’s explanations and examples brought me into the real world of Ukrainian speakers. How they talk in real life and how they interact.

Mark Hickler

Great Introduction to Ukrainian

Thanks, Anna, for this series of lessons. You have a very engaging style. In just one week, I have learnt more than I ever expected and I am full of enthusiasm to continue. Very professional but friendly at the same time.

Colin Burdfield