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Привіт! Мене звати Анна і я ваша вчителька української. 🙂

I have created the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast to give people all around the world access to learning my language wherever they are – on the way to work, in the car, or on the plane to Ukraine!

I speak five foreign languages and I travel a lot. So, I feel like my strength and mission are to share the Ukrainian language and culture with the world by means of the digital technology.

Join me and my students in this adventure!

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Start with Season 1 if you are a beginner. It includes 40 episodes that will help you learn or review the basics, like the months & days of the week (episode 15), master your pronunciation of tricky sounds, like the rolled р (episode 25), and listen to real Ukrainians speak in the common situations, like on the market (episode 9) or at the coffee shop (episode 11).

Make sure to stick with the episodes until the end to learn an interesting Ukrainian culture fact from Anna!

Please note: Ukrainian Lessons Podcast is an audio course, that is why the alphabet and reading basics are in it. If you need to, you can start learning the Ukrainian Alphabet with our free video guides.

Season 2 of the podcast focuses on Ukrainian grammar in the context of real life situations. This way you can, for example, discover the Genitive case in the context of a grocery store conversation (Episode 46) or review Locative and Vocative cases in the episode about writing an email (Episode 70). At the end of Season 2, you will find a special treat ― our listeners’ favourite Ukrainian History Course in simple Ukrainian (Episodes 71-80).

Make sure to stick with the episodes until the end to learn an interesting Ukrainian culture fact from Anna!

Season 3 of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast is designed for the intermediate level Ukrainian learners. 

We call this season “Пригоди Христини в Україні” – “Christine’s Adventures in Ukraine”. Христина (Christine) is an American girl of Ukrainian descent who is moving to Kyiv for one year to explore the life in Ukraine and improve her Ukrainian.

Follow her conversations and voice messages as she meets a famous person on her plane to Kyiv (Episode 81), talks to the rude taxi driver (Episode 82), meets her cheerful roommate (Episode 83), sends a voice message to her mom back home (Episode 85), and so on! 

Each episode also includes your teacher Anna’s explanations about useful vocabulary, verbs of the day, and idioms of the day.

Ready to bring your Ukrainian to the next level?

Then check out Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 4 ― which is entirely in Ukrainian! Your teacher Anna speaks slowly and clearly to give you a chance to train your ear and increase your understanding. You can also learn plenty of interesting things in this Season, like how Ukraine gained its independence (Episode 124) or Anna’s favorite Ukrainian movies in 2019-2020 (Episode 143).

Episodes 111-120 are all about famous Ukrainians, such as Roxolana (Episode 152) or Taras Shevchenko (Episode 156).

Each episode also includes idioms and expressions sections, as well as an advanced grammar point.

Looking for more advanced Ukrainian lessons? Then Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 5 is for you!

This season is all about interesting stories and conversations in slow Ukrainian! It will contain episodes in which Anna describes some aspects of her life, gives you some tips, or tells you about Ukrainian culture and history.

In this season, Anna will also welcome guests which will bring more voices, more variety, and definitely more Ukrainian language to the podcast.

At the end of each episode, you will be able to practice full sentences in Ukrainian that will help you grow your vocabulary, understand Ukrainian grammar better, and master your pronunciation.

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Ukrainian Lessons Podcast listeners say (more testimonials here):

Фантастично! Fantastic!

Привіт! Я дуже люблю Ukrainian Lessons Podcast. Я волонтер корпусу меру, і я живу в Україні. Моя вчителька мене сказала я розмовляю українською дуже добре. Я слухала кожного уроку. Дякую!

Hi! I love this podcast! I am a Peace Corps Trainee, and I just moved to Ukraine, where I will be serving for 2 years. I listened to this podcast A LOT in the months before my departure, and now that I am here I made it into the advanced language study group. My teacher said I speak very well, and she was especially impressed that I know how to conjugate some verbs. When she asked where I learned, I told her about this podcast! I’ve listened to every episode. Thank you!

Кортні Коупленд
Каліфорнія, Америка

Perfect next step after Duolingo

I finished the lessons available for free at Duolingo. Anna’s lessons are the perfect next step. I found that I had a lot of the vocabulary and some of the grammar, but Anna’s explanations and examples brought me into the real world of Ukrainian speakers. How they talk in real life and how they interact.

Mark Hickler

Great Introduction to Ukrainian

Thanks, Anna, for this series of lessons. You have a very engaging style. In just one week, I have learnt more than I ever expected and I am full of enthusiasm to continue. Very professional but friendly at the same time.

Colin Burdfield

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