You may go, Cartoons? Why on Earth would I want to watch Ukrainian cartoons? Well, the answer is simple. All adults have a little child inside who likes watching fun colourful videos. Ukrainian cartoons are a source of simple and clear language. It’s also a great window into Ukrainian culture. 

As a rule, cartoons are rather short. In this article, I’ve prepared for you a list of videos that are around 10 minutes each. This way, you don’t have to spend too much time on a studying session.

And last but not least, foreign cartoons (especially old ones) may seem weird, but they are a nice way to understand people’s way of thinking better. If you want to know what Ukrainians mean when they talk about Петрик П’яточкін or Капітошка, check these out.

1. Як песик та кошеня мили підлогу (1977) – 9 min watch 

Level: beginner and up

The Ukrainian cartoon How a Puppy and a Kitten Washed the Floor doesn’t sound fun. I mean, house chores, yuck! But the creators managed to make a funny story out of it. The most obvious benefit of this cartoon is that the characters speak slowly and clearly. They will certainly boost your listening skills.

2. Про всіх на світі (1984) – 10 min watch 

Level: intermediate and up

Despite the name, About Everyone in the World, this cartoon tells us a story about one puppy who decides that the world would be better off without cats. Magically, his wish comes true but then it becomes one of those “be careful what you wish for” moments. To see how it turns out, watch the cartoon. 

3. Івасик-Телесик (1989) – 10 min watch 

Level: intermediate and up

This is an adaptation of a Ukrainian fairy tale. The story starts in an old couple’s house. They can’t have children, so the wife asks her man to bring her a log to put into a crib. She sings a lullaby to the log and – bam! – next morning she has a real boy out of it. This is how Івасик-Телесик comes into the world. It may sound bizarre but don’t worry, it all ends well.

4. Котик і півник (1991) – 9 min watch

Level: intermediate and up

A Pussycat and a Rooster is another fairytale adaptation. The characters repeat a lot of their lines, so you’ll be able to remember a thing or two. It is very beautifully made, you’ll appreciate the drawings. Also, there are a lot of folk songs in it. 

5. Як Петрик П’яточкін слоників рахував (1984) – 10 min watch 

Level: intermediate and up

How Petryk Pyatochkin Was Counting Elephants has been my personal favorite ever since I was a little girl. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it. Most of the action happens without words, so even beginners will be able to follow the plot.

There are many catchy songs too. It tells us a story about an adorable little boy named Petryk who can’t fall asleep. Instead of traditional sheep, he’s trying to count African elephants. Clearly, you’ll have a chance to review numerals! 

6. Капітошка (1980) – 8 min watch 

Level: intermediate and up

Kapitoshka is a… water drop. That’s right, I suggest watching a cartoon about the adventures of a drop. Just like in the previous case, there is a lot of singing and not too many words. Similar to many children’s tales, there is a lot of repetition so you’ll definitely catch and learn a phrase or two. If you feel like it, there is the second part: Повертайся, Капітошко! (1989)

7. Пригоди Котигорошка (2014) – approx. 13 min watch 

Level: advanced

Adventures of Kotyhoroshko is a fun TV series about a group of friendly superheroes who regularly save the day. It is based on Ukrainian folklore. The main character, Kotyhoroshko, is a super strong boy taken from a traditional fairy tale. The script is witty and you definitely won’t get bored.

8. Лепетуни (2017) – approx. 2 min watch

Level: beginner and up (don’t forget to turn on Ukrainian subtitles!)

Lepetuny may be the most useful Ukrainian cartoon on the list. It was created for Ukrainian learners. The main characters are tongues 🙂 They talk about common mistakes, useful words, and rules of the language. 

9. Моя країна Україна (2018) – approx. 4 min watch

Level: advanced

It is a fun Ukrainian cartoon about the adventures of a storyteller, Sashko, and his cat. This is one for clay animation lovers. The language is rich and beautiful, so it is a sure way to learn something new. The narrator uses a lot of idioms; make sure you have a place to note them down.

10. Наша файта (2013) – approx. 12 min watch

Level: advanced

You may call Nasha Faita Ukrainian South Park. It is an absurd Ukrainian cartoon that makes fun of our everyday problems. The characters speak using Ukrainian dialects and swear words. It could be difficult for beginners but more advanced students will find it really interesting. 


If you’re not in the mood for Ukrainian cartoons, but want to work on your listening skills, try watching your favorite cartoons in Ukrainian. I’d recommend the website Simpsons TV. Here you can find popular American cartoons translated into Ukrainian. I’m talking about The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, and more!

Also, there’s this website that has cartoons from all over the world dubbed into Ukrainian. Just give it a try, your Ukrainian will thank you later.


And what about you? Do you prefer older or more modern Ukrainian cartoons? Are there some other cartoons that should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments! 

Do you want to surround yourself with real Ukrainian language wherever you are? Follow Ukrainian Youtube channels to improve your language skills!

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