Tell us about your hobbies in Ukrainian! For this, you only need to use the basic verbs in Ukrainian in their infinitive form. In Ukrainian, the infinitives end with -ти. This is the ending that is changed when the verb is conjugated in different tenses.

To say “I like to do something” in Ukrainian, we use one of these phrases + the infinitive:

  1. Мені подобається + інфінітив
  2. Я люблю + інфінітив (stronger)

And now try it! Study the basic verbs in Ukrainian below and tell us your story: Що ви любите робити у вільний час? — What do you like to do in your free time?

Basic Verbs in Ukrainian

Basic Verbs in Ukrainian

Basic Verbs in Ukrainian

плавати — to swim

їсти — to eat

кататися на велосипеді — to ride a bike

грати у футбол — to play football

грати у теніс — to play tennis

вчитися — to study

готувати — to cook

спати — to sleep

гуляти — to walk

цілуватися — to kiss

читати — to read

писати — to write

в’язати — to knit

дивитися кіно — to watch a movie

слухати музику — to listen to the music

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